f Out of Pocket Costs...

...you may have to pay when buying a home

Everyone knows you need to put money 'down' to buy a house. This 'down payment money' can paid for by Buyers, Sellers, or by other means, like a 'down payment' assistance program.

Everyone also knows that if you buy a house you will have 'closing costs' and other fees to deal with. This 'closing cost' money (also) may be paid for by Buyers, Sellers, or a 'down payment' assistance fund of some kind.

But ...its what you DON'T know about the process of buying a house that may kill your chances of home ownership or hinder you from getting the house you want:

Buyers need to be aware that there are 'out of pocket' costs they may have to pay in the course of a real estate transaction.

These are extra costs apart from down payment money or closing costs, and may be required by the Buyer's lender, a real estate agent, or by the purchase agreement contract. Some of these costs may be optional for the Buyer but critical to winning negotiations or getting important information about the condition of the property. Buyers who are not fully informed about these costs by a loan officer or real estate agent before they enter into a contract may be in for a nasty surprise. In fact, it is highly recommended that Buyers be fully informed about the entire cost of a transaction before they enter into any kind of agreement. Buyers should try to hire experienced Realtors (and Loan Officers) who can advise them about these costs beforehand.

extremely important when considering whether to accept a Buyer's offer. A good rule of thumb (for the Buyer) is to put down 1% of the sale price as earnest deposit money (if possible). To sum up: depending on the price of the house, earnest deposit money might cost the Buyer between $300-$2000 in out-of-pocket costs up front before the house closes.

Unexpected costs occasionally occur. There are many reasons for Buyers to be socked with surprise costs in the course of any real estate transaction. These may include: changes or problems in the Buyer's financing package; discoveries about certain aspects (or defects) in the condition of the property (for example,during inspections) that warrant repairs or contract renegotiation; and occasionally, any parties involved may be surprised by unexpected settlement fees or lender costs as late as the closing date. Working with honest and experienced Realtors and Loan Officers can save you from a lot of these difficult situations, but they can protect their clients only so much. Buyers should be prepared.

Altogether, it is safe to say that BUYERS may need between $800-$1500 in "out-of-pocket cost" money to buy a house. While some of these costs are optional or may be paid for by so-called "down payment assistance programs", Buyers should always be aware how much they may have to pay 'out-of-pocket'-- before close.

Prepared by: Chris Marchese, Realtor

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