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Amazing Grace arr Walt Stuart 5544 42pgs
America I Love You Lou Leaman vocal C 28pgs
America The Beautiful arr Bob Curnow Stan Kenton 5555 23pgs wScore
America The Beautiful arr Bob Reed & Ken White 5444 Ray Charles vocal Eb 27pgs wScore
America The Beautiful arr Cameron Dragon 5444
America The Beautiful arr Carmen Dragon 5444 instr 48pgs wScore
America the Beautiful arr Clark Gault Carmen Dragon 5444 48pgs wScore
America The Beautiful arr Dave Wolpe 5444 30pgs
America The Beautiful arr Frank Mantooth 5544 instr 76pgs wScore
America The Beautiful arr Ron Davis Ray Charles 3214 vocal Bb 20pgs
America The Beautiful arr Tom Kubis Wayne Begeron 5444 18pgs
America The Beautiful arr unk Ray Charles 3214 vocal Bb 20pgs
America The Beautiful arr Walt Stuart 5444 vocal C 36pgs
America The Beautiful-God Bless America arr Mike Henebry 5324 12pgs
Armed Forces Marches Medley 5444 55pgs
Armed Forces Medley arr unk 5334 30pgs
Armed Forces Salute arr Fred Wesche 56pgs
db1907 Roll on thou deep and dark blue ocean
db1911_garland of old fashioned roses
db1912 Oer The Billowy Sea
db1912 When I Lost You arr Wm Schultz 12pgs
db1912 When you meet the girl who loved you back in auld lang sang
db1912_ A Kiss In The Dark
db1912_When I Lost You
db1912_When You Meet
db1913 Nights Of Gladness
db1913 Some Boy
db1913 The Sunshine Of Your Smile
db1913_Concert In The Sky
db1913_Everybody Sometime Must Love & I Can Live Without You
db1913_Harmony Joe
db1913_Junk Man Rag
db1914 St. Louis Blues arr Fletcher Henderson incomplete
db1914 The Whole town's wise
db1914 We Take Our Hats Off To You Mr Wilson
db1914_he'd push it along
db1914_Kitty Mackay
db1915 Same old town and At the fox trot ball
db1915 Since you turned me down
db1915 Sweet Kentucky lady (dry your eyes)
db1915_It's Tulip Time In Holland
db1915_valse zenobia
db1916 Will you be one of the soldier boys
db1917 Oh Johnny Oh
db1917 Who Put The Germ In Germany
db1917_Indianola & Gypsy Pep
db1918 Hindustan Frank Skinner
db1918 O Death Where Is Thy Sting
db1918_Rose Room
db1919_Cinda Lou
db1919_Floatin Down One Step
db1919_im Waiting For Ships That Never Come In Foxtrot
db1919_My Isle Of Golden Dreams
db1919_Underneath The Dreamy Oriental Moon
db1920_China Moon
db1920_Do You Ever Think Of Me arr H Powell
db1920_Shake It And Break It
db1920_The Land Of Heart And Flowers
db1921_Arabian Yogi Man
db1921_arr Robert W Ricketts Get Hot 18pgs
db1921_arr Ward Conrad Mother And Dad 16pgs
db1921_Aw' C'mon & Painting Pictures
db1921_By The Old Ohio Shore key f
db1921_By The Old Ohio Shore waltz
db1921_By The Silvery Nile
db1921_Can You Forget
db1921_Carolina Rolling Stone
db1921_Day By Day
db1921_Dear Eyes
db1921_Dream Man
db1921_Finky The Cave Man 21pgs
db1921_Glow Little Lantern Of Love
db1921_Good Bye Pretty Butterflies
db1921_Gray Morn
db1921_Hawaiian Rainbow
db1921_Hello Little Girl Of My Dreams
db1921_I Ain't Nobodys Darlin' arr Geo F Briegle
db1921_I Lost My Heart To You
db1921_I Never Wanted Something So Good So Bad'
db1921_I Wonder If You (2)
db1921_I Wonder If You Still Care For Me
db1921_I've Got To Have It now
db1921_In Maytime
db1921_Love Rose
db1921_Mississippi Cradle
db1921_My Boy Joe arr Morney D Helm 13pgs
db1921_My Dream
db1921_Pals First
db1921_Right Or Wrong arr George F Briegle 17pgs
db1921_Roses And You arr Dave Kaplan 18pgs
db1921_roses and you orig
db1921_Silver Sands
db1921_Sleepy Head
db1921_Some Day You Will Miss Me & Merry Go Round Waltz
db1921_Stealing arr Frank E Barry
db1921_Stealing D
db1921_Strut Miss Lizzie
db1921_Teach Me & Somewhere In Naples
db1921_Tears Of Our Last Goodbye 17pgs
db1921_That Filipino Vamp 17pgs
db1921_Time After Time
db1921_To-morrow & I've Got A Gal arr R F Fuller 39pgs
db1921_Waiting For The Rainbow
db1921_Waltz Of Love
db1921_Wana (When I Wanna, You No Wanna) arr Cliff Friend 18pgs
db1921_well dance
db1921_When You Gave Your Heart To Me
db1922_'Neath The South Sea Moon
db1922_A Picture Without A Frame
db1922_after every party
db1922_all over nothing
db1922_And Shes Only A Baby
db1922_apple sauce
db1922_baby blue eyes
db1922_baby sister blues
db1922_California Rose arr J Harland
db1922_Carolina Blues
db1922_Carolina In The Morning
db1922_Carry Me Back To My Carolina Home
db1922_Closer arr Russell Bennett
db1922_Crinoline Days arr Mornay D Helm
db1922_Dearest arr Arthur H Gutman
db1922_Deedle Deedle Dum
db1922_Down The Lane
db1922_Drifting 22pgs
db1922_Dumbell & When Love Comes Tumbling Down
db1922_Eleanor & Romany Love
db1922_Faded Love Letters
db1922_For The Sake Of Auld Layn Syne and Stumbling
db1922_Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird
db1922_Georgia & Stumbling
db1922_Georgia Moon
db1922_Girls Why Do You Hesitate
db1922_Hawaiian Slumbertime & My Old Hawaiian Home
db1922_Hilo Bay
db1922_Hot Lips & Wake Up Little Girl
db1922_Hurry Back Home
db1922_I Came I Saw I Fell
db1922_I Certainly Must Be In Love
db1922_I Had A Garden & I Go To Clain my Love
db1922_I Have A Rendezvous With You
db1922_I Was Married Up In The Air
db1922_I Wonder If You Will Be Home
db1922_I'll Stand Beneath Your Window Tonight And Whistle
db1922_I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland arr Charlie L Cooke
db1922_I'm Just Wild About Harry
db1922_I've Got Those Bonus Blues
db1922_In A Corner Of The World All Our Own
db1922_Isle Of Sweethearts
db1922_Just One Kiss
db1922_Just One More Dance & The French Trot
db1922_Keep On Building Castles In The Air
db1922_Khartum (Egyptian Fox-Trot)
db1922_Kicky Koo
db1922_Kiss Mama Kiss Papa
db1922_Limehouse Blues arr Walter Paul
db1922_Lonesome Lips & Building Love Castles
db1922_Lonesome Mama arr Archie Blyer ver1
db1922_Lonesome Mama Blues & Manila Memories ver2
db1922_Loves Paradise
db1922_Martha & Suppose The Rose Were you
db1922_Mister Gallagher And Mister Shean arr Lee Terry
db1922_Mo-Na-Lu arr Fred Hoff
db1922_Moon River arr Louis Katzman
db1922_My Old Home
db1922_My Yiddisha Mammy & Rosy Posy
db1922_Nola & Shawnee Smiles
db1922_On The Alamo arr Isham Jones
db1922_Pack Up Your Sins
db1922_Panorama Bay arr Lee Terry
db1922_Radio Eyes
db1922_Ragtime Caveman Of Mine arr Harry P Guy 14pgs
db1922_Rose Of The Rio Grande
db1922_Russian Rose
db1922_Say It While Dancin & Loves Lament ver1
db1922_Say It While Dancing & Smilin' Through ver2
db1922_Say It
db1922_Shes Just A Plain Old Fashioned Girl
db1922_Silver Swanee
db1922_Sing A Song Of Swanee & Dancing Fool
db1922_Sunset Valley
db1922_Suppose The Rose
db1922_Three Little Words
db1922_Thru The Night
db1922_Time Will Tell
db1922_Tricks & Coal Black Mammy
db1922_Truly & Don't Bring Me Posies
db1922_Under Arabian Skies
db1922_Underneeth The Mellow Moon
db1922_Vamp Me
db1922_Virginia Blues
db1922_Wake Up Little Girl & Why Should I Cry Over You
db1922_When The Leaves ver1
db1922_When The Leaves ver2
db1922_When Winter Comes arr Jack Virgil 18pgs
db1922_When You Were
db1922_Where The Volga Flows & The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
db1922_Who Loves You
db1922_Wishing All
db1922_You Know You Belong
db1922_You Tell Her


Please Note;

Thank you for all of the donations, to the chart library, that I have recieved. Some litterly rescued from dumpsters..From Band Leaders; Dan Sewiski - Detroit, Doc Scantlin - Washington DC, Temple - Canada, Others from Germany, France and England, Also, the publishers and writers that have trusted me to archive thier collections. I take the responsibility seriously. They date back to the 1800's and are a precious part of our history. The songs were so good. I listen to them all of the time. They need to be preserved.

People have asked me if I as sitll seeking library donations. The answer is yes. I have some more space in my building. But, I may have to delay the cataloging of them, due to other demands upon my time and energies. I you are so inclinded and have time, I do need help.

It is still unclear where the collection will go upon my death. I am hoping to find someone that will carry on, for me. Perhaps a University, Public Library or An Individual . . . suggestions?

It is a daunting task to cataloge everything. It involves putting everyting in score order and writing in the contents. And, of course, the missing parts. But, I love matching up the titles with old recordings.

I am trying to figure out a way to spend more time working in the library. My young helper has moved on to better things.

Best regards

Paul Sherwood